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Website FAQs

Learn the basics about owning a website for your company or project.

Hire a webmaster or do it yourself. You will need a domain name, hosting plan, SSL certificate, website security and an email address. Our hosting plans come with built-in CMS applications for website development such as WordPress and E-Commerce, or you can use a site builder tool. If you build your website using HTML you can upload your files to your hosting server using the cPanel file manager, or via a 3rd party FTP program such a FileZilla. Our GoWebmaster plans include full website management with all the products and services your business needs to compete online.

Domain names, SSL certificates and emails incur annual fees from around £70. Shared hosting and basic website security plans will cost from £10 per month. So in total your website products cost about £200 per year. Website services such as design, development, optimisation and marketing are paid monthly, and the cost depends on the complexity and time. The national average wage for an experienced website developer in the UK is about £30 per hour.

A bespoke website can require from 40 hours up to 100s hours to design and develop.

Ultimately, Google rewards popularity and page speed, plus website content, security and architecture. So, the more links around the Internet that point to your website the better. The more users that click on those links the better. The faster your web pages load the better. The more unique and relevant information on your website the better. The more secure the website the better. The cleaner the website html code and meta-data the better. The practices and techniques used to achieve search engine success, such as on-site and server optimisation, e-newsletters, blogging, social media marketing and directory submissions, all take time, and no-one but Google AI can guarantee a 1st page ranking.

If you hire a webmaster we will do everything for you, keep you informed, and basically manage your reputation in cyber-space. You can be involved as much as you like, and even learn from us along the way. We have been making websites for local businesses for over 10 years, with a portfolio of over 50 current successful websites. You can get feedback from those business owners directly via their website contact forms. View our design portfolio or message us for more information.



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